So, after a long hiatus brought on partly by my web-host deleting my website and not keeping any back-ups (!), and partly by me being busy with work and a masters degree and the epic summer sci-fi spectacular that was Quantum Battlestar Deep-Space Voyager Tardis Wars, I am pleased to report that Uncharted Territories is back! I still have a few bits of the site to reconstruct however – so just a short post before I go and fiddle with the Gallery…

Newspapers are fascinating beasts. For work reasons I currently spend a fair bit of my time reading newspapers – and I have a grim fascination with reading the ways in which the different papers, each with their more or less subtle biases to various political, economic and social agendas, present what is essentially the same news story but highlighting different facets for different audiences. This came across really strongly in the reports on the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement last week – the quotations below are the first line of each paper’s main report on the Statement (so not opinion or comment articles). In most cases it’s pretty clear who the heroes and/or villains are supposed to be – although I admit I was disappointed by the Daily Mail which actually seemed to make an attempt to be balanced – where’s my dose of sensationalism?!


Financial Times In an Autumn Statement that took from working-age benefit recipients and the rich to ease the pain on motorists and middle-income workers, the chancellor also had to concede a sharp deterioration in economic prospects and new holes in the public finances.


The Times There was no hiding who the Chancellor expects to bear the pain as he attempts to get the economy back on track: those on benefits and wealthier savers. But for both targeted groups there are ways to soften the blow of the latest austerity cuts


The Daily Telegraph Middle-class workers and wealthy savers were the targets for George Osborne yesterday after he admitted that a new round of tax rises was needed to tackle Britain’s grim economic prospects.


The Guardian George Osborne announced deep cuts in welfare and Whitehall spending yesterday after admitting Britain’s malfunctioning economy had left him unable to meet the government’s targets for repairing the public finances.


The Daily Mail George Osborne targeted workers at the top, middle and bottom of the financial heap yesterday with a raft of money-saving measures.


The Daily Express George Osborne backed strivers yesterday by cutting taxes, boosting pensions and launching a £4 billion-a-year squeeze on benefits.


The Daily Mirror Callous Chancellor George Osborne punished Britain’s hard-up families for his own failures yesterday as he slashed £14billion off welfare BENEFITS for the poorest – while letting his rich pals off scot-free.


The Sun George Osborne yesterday rewarded workers and took cash off shirkers. The Chancellor’s Annual Statement included a double boost for the majority of workers.

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  1. I hope you haven’t lost all your Philippines posts?
    Interesting to see the different ways the news is presented. Even more interesting, I wasn’t aware that the Chancellor had made an autumn statement as I don’t read newspapers or watch the news.