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Robbed in Egypt

Before myself and my three companions left the safety of our homes in Blighty last week, we knew that in the adventures ahead there were a few traumas that at some point or another on our journey we would have to face. We knew that long nights of vomiting and diahorrea would become comfortable normality, that regular showers would become a distant memory, that hot showers would become a...

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McDonalds gets everywhere. They’re clever about it as well – in every country they assault they make sure they do their best to appeal to local sensibilities while at the same time offering their typical stock affair of salty, meaty, rapidly cooked delights. In Egypt, this attempt takes the form of the McArabia – a comfortingly familiar piece of reconstituted beef formed into a...

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Crossing the Road in Cairo

I have to admit that I wasn’t quite prepared for just how unfamiliar travelling in Africa would feel right at the start. And once that shock was over, for then just how familiar travelling in Africa would feel once a few days had passed. With new countries, new cultures, new languages, new companions and a good few years since I last attempted anything similar I guess it was only natural...

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