If I Were Not A Grown-Up

I wrote this for two friends of mine when we all woke up after a lovely party and *very nearly* decided not to go to our respective jobs in favour of just spodding around together for the day.

If I were not a grown-up
And you were not one too
I’d have phoned in sick at work
And I’d have spent today with you.

We’d have kicked back for the morning
Had our fill of toast and tea
And delightful chattered nonsense
Let the time pass easily.

And then we’d venture outside
Feel the air cool, crisp and clear
Down by the river, lazy strolling
Gentle laughter, friendly cheer.

The day’d be delicious
And we’d stretch it on and on
Wrap ourselves in endless comfort
That day’s where we belong.

But because I am a grown-up
And you’re a grown-up too
I’m sitting at my desk at work
With piles of things to do

Responsibilities, commitments
Thieving time, doling routine
So I’ll just spend my day dreaming
Of the day that would have been.

But being grown-up’s not all awful
There are days just like today
The Saturdays and Sundays
When all we need do is play.

Two days in every seven
We can afford to be carefree
And I’d be overjoyed if
You’d spend some of them with me.