Warsong of the Otter Army

(Co-unearthed by Cara Donnelly of http://www.toadworld.co.uk/)


Stop your frolics in the waters

Drop your fish and hide your daughters

Load your slings and leave your homes

Arm yourselves with sticks and bones

Scream our frenzied battle cries

Hear the Otter Army Rise!


Otters rise! Otters Rise!

Olympic games that we despise

Builders Blood shall soak the skies

Hear the Otter Army Rise!


They’ll fill the streams with dark concrete

And tourists’ feet shall slap our streets

Despoil our land of milk and honey

Misuse all that public money

If foul Olympic flag still flies

Hear the Otter Army rise!


Otters rise! Otters…


Planners thrashed by Otter tails

Upon them fiery death we’ll hail

Gnaw the javelins; drain the pools

Tear the flesh of craven fools

Olympic flame meets dark demise

Hear the Otter Army Rise!


Otters rise! Otters…


Hear the warsong

Dance and sing

Bow before the Otter King

Hear the warsong!

Dance and sing!

Bow before the Otter King!